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Suncorp Technologies Limited is the official licensee of the Motorola brand for Cordless and Corded landline telephones in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

Shenzhen Guo Wei Electronics Limited (SGW Global) is the sister company of Suncorp, and is the exclusive designer, developer and manufacturer for the above Motorola products.

By working with Motorola, we are combining our product development, manufacturing, distribution and channel leadership with their wireless and communication expertise, design innovation, quality standards and premium brand to deliver products to the marketplace.

Motorola is the ideal partner as they are focused on delivering wireless communications to all aspects of a consumer’s life.

With over 80 years of technological innovation, we are proud to be working with Motorola to bring new product categories - like cordless phones - to the marketplace. We are focused to deliver Motorola and all our customers the best results for their business.

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